What should I do to mention in the CIV the dimensions of some optional tyres?

In order to fill in the vehicle identity card (CIV) other tyre and rim sizes that can be optionally mounted and are mentioned in the vehicle type-approval documents for a particular type of vehicle, you must present the vehicle at one of the RAR dealerships for identification and for carrying out the necessary checks in the database. If the checks confirm that the desired size is mentioned in the type-approval documentation, the desired size in the CIV shall be added under the heading “Mentions”

If it is desired to be equipped with tyres/rims not mentioned in the type-approval documents, this entails the re-approval of the vehicle. This operation involves the mandatory performance tests of the braking system and the calibration of the speedometer and, if the Vehicle and Component Testing Laboratory decides that they are required, the tests on the stability of the vehicle and the measurement of its sound level. (Re)approval shall be granted only if the results of the tests and verifications carried out show that the applicable technical conditions have been met.

The Frequently Asked Question was published on 02/09/2019