What do I need to know when purchasing a new vehicle?

Regardless of the category of the vehicle (car, van, trailer, motorcycle, moped, etc.), we recommend you to buy the vehicle from a company that represents the respective brand in Romania. In Romania, it is forbidden by law (OG 78/2000) to sell unapproved vehicles. Therefore, the seller of the vehicle must, on delivery, hand you the vehicle identity card (CIV) and, if the vehicle holds EC type-approval, the certificate of conformity (CoC).

It is advisable to check whether the identification number (body or chassis series) and that of the existing engine on the vehicle are the same as those entered in the CIV. This simple check may save you from further great difficulties in remedying possible errors in filling in the documents by the seller, which could otherwise be ascertained only after registration,  when the first roadworthiness test is carried out.

The Frequently Asked Question was published on 02/09/2019