Traffic control carried out in Bucharest together with the Traffic Police

Several vehicles were technically checked on Wednesday night by the inspectors of the Romanian Auto Register at a traffic control carried out in Bucharest together with the Traffic Police.

The action is part of a series of successive nighttime checks that the R.A.R. is carrying out this week and is mainly aimed at eliminating from traffic those vehicles that are likely to have serious malfunctions that may endanger the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

Of the 17 vehicles checked, 3 were motorcycles and one for the transport of people by taxi.

8 vehicles were found to be technically non-compliant, and 7 of them endangered road safety.

14 vehicles were checked for pollution standards and 3 were found to be non-compliant.

Most of the problems concerned the electrical lighting-signalling system, improper wheels and tires, the exhaust system and noise reduction.

As a result of the malfunctions found, the Traffic Police ordered fines and withheld 7 registration certificates.

R.A.R. inspectors warn that the replacement of the initial headlights mounted by the manufacturer with others with xenon gas discharge light source is accepted only if the vehicle is equipped with all the necessary kit as provided for in the current manufacture and the components bear specific approval markings. It is mandatory to mention the retrofit equipment with such headlamps in the vehicle’s identity card.

Head of the ITP-SPNV Department within the Romanian Auto Register, ing. Claudiu Mija specifies that in order to streamline the roadside controls, the Romanian Auto Register decided to alternate the control periods – day by night – and also to diversify the theme and location of the checks.

At the moment, the Romanian Auto Registry is acting at the traffic controls with one autolaboratory in each county in the country and with 4 autolaborators in Bucharest and Ilfov.

The Press release was published on 17/07/2014