The Romanian Auto Registry has technically verified in traffic, during the last year, 71,750 vehicles throughout the country.

In half of them, RAR inspectors found various nonconformities, of a technical nature or related to documents. Most of the problems were found at:

the electrical lighting and signaling installation (31.54%)

• axles, rims and tires (14.38%)

• chassis and chassis elements (10.35%).

Nonconformities in the braking system were detected in 3.59% of vehicles and in 1.73% of cases problems were found in the steering system. As a result of the measurements carried out, it was established the exceeding of the maximum permissible level of pollutant emissions in 3,612 vehicles. RAR inspectors also found vehicles with more serious problems in the braking systems, steering or axles, rims, tires and suspension mechanism in traffic. Thus, in the case of 3,675 vehicles, it was considered that they posed an imminent danger of accident. As a result of the mixed controls carried out by the Romanian Auto Register and the Traffic Police, 25,307 sanctions were applied, 539 driving licenses were withheld and 19,320 registration certificates were withdrawn. Due to the serious technical problems found, 131 vehicles were immobilized and 64 periodical technical inspections were cancelled. In cases where one of the measures taken was the retention of the registration certificate, it can be regained only after a specific technical inspection has been carried out at the RAR dealerships.

General Director of the Romanian Auto Register, eng. George-Adrian Dincă mentions that the results of the checks carried out in traffic do not reflect the general condition of the car park in Romania, because the mixed crews RAR – Police stop for verification only those vehicles that are likely to present malfunctions.

Press Office
The Romanian Auto Register

The press release was published on 28 / 03 / 2018

The Press release was published on 28/03/2018