Results of the technical roadside control – October 1, 2014

The inspectors of the Romanian Auto Register, together with representatives of the Traffic Police, controlled today in Bucharest, from a technical point of view, 43 vehicles. As a result of these checks, it was established that 51.16% of the stopped vehicles had various nonconformities (of a technical nature or related to the documents).

In 21 vehicles (48.84%) defects were found as:

– malfunction of the lighting and signaling devices

– poor condition of the chassis, body or tyres

– abnormal games in direction

– failures of the braking system.

The vehicles mentioned above were considered to be non-compliant from the point of view of road safety.

In the case of 10 of the stopped vehicles, the inspectors of the Romanian Auto Register found major technical failures and considered that the vehicle presents an imminent danger of accident.

In these situations, one of the measures taken was the retention of the registration certificate, which can be regained only after a technical inspection at the representations of the Romanian Auto Register.

Other problems found in traffic by the inspectors of the Romanian Auto Register were:

– exceeding the maximum permissible pollution level (18.60%)

– non-conformities from the point of view of the proof of periodical technical inspection (2.33%).

As a result of the technical control carried out today in traffic, 15 registration certificates, a driving license were withheld and 18 fines were imposed.

The General Director of the Romanian Auto Register, George-Adrian Dincă, mentions that the results of the checks carried out in traffic do not reflect the general condition of the car park in Romania, because the mixed R.A.R. – Police crews stop for verification only those vehicles that are likely to have malfunctions.

The national car park currently has about 5,700,000 vehicles.

The Press release was published on 01/10/2014