Results of technical roadside checks in 2005

The inspectors of the Romanian Auto Register checked in traffic, during the last year, 51,879 vehicles throughout the country, and at 68% of them found various nonconformities (of a technical nature or related to documents). Car owners seem to be the most careless when it comes to the condition of the vehicle they are driving with, because four out of five stopped cars (80%) have had problems. Depending on the percentage of rejection by category, vans (71%), special vehicles (69%), minibuses (62%) and buses (52%) are the vehicles with the most deviations from the regulations in force. Out of the total number of vehicles stopped in traffic by the mixed crews of the Romanian Auto Register and the Traffic Police, for almost 3,400 it was taken the measure of retaining the registration certificate, because they had malfunctions with imminent danger of accident (malfunction of the braking system, improper state of the steering mechanism). The others found less serious nonconformities in terms of road safety:– malfunction of the lighting and signalling devices – 49%– lack of facilities (seat belts, reflective triangle, medical kit, fire extinguisher, ideograms and window breakers in public transport vehicles) – 35% – improper condition of the chassis, body or cabin – 27%– exceeding the pollution norms – 10,199 vehicles powered by gasoline  and 2,272 vehicles with diesel engine (the registration certificate was retained)– improper condition of the tires – 20% (the registration certificate was retained)– non-conformities from the point of view of the proof of periodical technical inspection (expired or falsified roadworthiness test) – 5.5% (the registration certificate was retained)– unapproved modifications – the application of foils or treatments on the windshield and side windows,  which significantly alters their transparency; change of the use category (the registration certificate was retained). The regaining of the registration certificates withheld as a result of the roadside checks will be possible only after a technical inspection has been carried out at the representations of the Romanian Auto Register. Depending on the age of the vehicles controlled, the rejection percentage is as follows:– 80% of cars older than 15 years– 74% for those aged between 11-15 years– 72% of vehicles with 10-11 years of age– 68% of cars older than 6-8 years– 50% of those registered in the period 2000-2001– 42% of vehicles with less than 3 years of age

It is important to note that the results of the checks carried out in traffic do not reflect the general condition of the car park in Romania, because the mixed R.A.R. – Police crews stop for verification only those vehicles that are likely to present malfunctions.

The Press release was published on 21/02/2006