Legal obligations relating to periodical technical inspection

Regarding the action of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration), an action by which the owners of vehicles are notified that from 1 July they will be suspended the registration of the vehicle if by that date they have not fulfilled their legal obligations regarding the periodical technical inspection (ITP), the Romanian Auto Register makes the following specifications:

– starting with May 10, vehicle owners have the possibility to check on the R.A.R. website if the valid periodical technical inspection of the owned vehicle is registered in the database. They must access the address and follow the link “Check for roadworthiness testing”;– vehicle owners who are sure that the roadworthiness test was correctly carried out in a station authorized by the R.A.R. for this activity, but are not found in the Registry database, must fill in a notification form. It appears on the site when they are notified that, following the search, no records have been found that correspond to the data entered;– the owners of second-hand vehicles imported from abroad will carry out the search by filling in on the website the section related to the CIV Series of the owned vehicle;– as far as the owners of new vehicles are concerned, they are not included in the database of the Romanian Auto Register and will carry out the periodical technical inspection on the date mentioned in the certificate mentioned in the certificate vehicle registration. The Romanian Auto Register wants to assure all those who will correctly and completely fill in the complaint forms that they will be analyzed as soon as possible by the R.A.R. operators. If the request is justified (the ITP was correctly carried out and is valid), the Romanian Auto Register will notify the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration regarding the respective cases.

The Press release was published on 13/06/2006