How do I obtain type-approval of vehicles that do not have a type-approval certificate in accordance with the framework directives of the European Union?

Type-approval is required for the import/marketing/manufacture of new road vehicles of the same type by the same legal entity. Type-approval may be granted only to Romanian legal persons, manufacturers or importers/distributors approved by the manufacturer of the vehicles in question

The normative acts on the basis of which the type-approval is granted:
– R.N.T.R. – 2 (Regulations on the technical conditions that road vehicles must meet in order to be admitted to circulation on public roads in Romania);
– G.O. 78/2000 and G.O. 35/2005 for amending and supplementing G.O. 78/2000;
– Law nr. 374/2005 for the approval of Government Ordinance no. 35/2005 for amending and supplementing Government Ordinance no. 78/2000 on the approval of road vehicles and the issuance of their identity card, to be admitted to circulation on public roads in Romania.

Type-approval may be requested for a single vehicle type(s) or for a family of vehicles (the grouping is made on the basis of similarity: bodywork, engine, etc.). Type-approval per family offers the advantage of lower costs relative to variant type and reduction of approval time.

Where I present myself:

For information and advice:
Address Type Approvals Department:
– Calea Griviţei 391A, Bucharest tel. 021/318.17.38, 021/318.17.35, 021/202.70.07; fax: 021/318.17.43
– Str. Bârsei nr. 1, Voluntari, jud. Ilfov tel./fax 021/270.36.84;
– Territorial Representation for Muntenia-Oltenia with headquarters in Bradu village, Road 65B, km. 5+ 953 m, jud. ARGES, tel/ fax. 0248/61.54.25;
– Territorial Representation for Transylvania-Moldova with headquarters in Brasov, str. Zizin nr. 2, bl.40, sc.C, ap.3, Braşov county tel./fax 0268/31.13.67, 0268/30.61.81, 0268/30.61.82.

What documents do I need:
The necessary documents are provided in the “Guide for the preparation of the product file – RAR edition in force at the time of the presentation of the vehicle for approval”. This brochure together with the “Official application for type-approval” and the “Questionnaire for preliminary evaluation of the quality of the production process” (if the manufacturer does not have an internationally recognized certificate of the quality system) was purchased from one of the addresses mentioned above.

The main stages of the approval process:
– submission of the official application for type-approval and of the approval documents (see the previous item);
– analysis of the documentation and drawing up the related estimate;
– verification of the conformity of the vehicle submitted for approval with the submitted documentation;
– drawing up the testing program and the related estimate;
– carrying out the testing program;
– drawing up the test report;
– evaluation of the test results, granting the approval number and drawing up the related estimate;
– drafting the type-certificate.

Depending on the nonconformities and malfunctions occurred during the process, the program will be modified accordingly (returns to tests, modifications of the technical specification, additions to the approval file, requests for derogations, etc.).

How much does it cost:
The rates are depending on the complexity of the vehicle (from moped category L1 to bus category M3), volume and complexity of documentation, number of tests, size of the family of vehicles (if applicable).

Depending on the complexity and volume of the documentation, the degree to which it meets the requirements specified by the “Guidance for the preparation of the product file – RAR edition in force at the date of presentation of the vehicle for approval”, the loading of the Department, the weather conditions, the way the vehicle behaves during the tests (including the verification of compliance), etc.

The Frequently Asked Question was published on 20/06/2007