Changes to the RAR-specific activities for vehicles originating in the UK, applicable as of 30.03.2019 only if the UK Withdrawal Agreement is not signed or the date of withdrawal of the UK from the Community bloc is not extended by mutual agreement

  1. New vehicles that have been EU type-approved by the UK (e11mark) will no longer automatically receive their vehicle identity card (CIV) for registration, as the EU type-approval and the related Certificate of Conformity (CoC) lose their validity as from the date mentioned above. These vehicles will be subject to individual re-approval, with verification of the technical conditions applicable to new vehicles. In addition, a CIV issued on the basis of an EU type-approval granted by the UK for a new vehicle from the UK and which has not yet been registered will lose its validity and can no longer be used for registration. Therefore, RAR recommends the registration of vehicles in this situation by 29.03.2019 at the latest.
    2. From the same date, when issuing the CIV for used vehicles (second-hand) the EU type-approvals granted by the UK (mark e11)are no longer recognised, and individual re-homologation is required in accordance with the requirements of the NRTR-7 applicable to used vehicles coming from third countries. In the case of polluting emissions, the condition regarding the minimum pollution level Euro 3/Euro III shall be imposed.
    3. Starting with 30.03.2019, used vehicles (second-hand), with the driving position on the right side and coming from the UK, will no longer be able to receive the CIV, regardless of the approval under which they were registered.
    4. The Periodical Technical Inspection carried out in the UK on used (second-hand) vehicles is no longer accepted (recognized) at the individual approval and issuance of the CIV for re-registration in Romania. The roadworthiness test must be restored to RAR.

Between 2006 and 2019, approximately 62,400 vehicles were introduced in Romania that were previously registered in the UK.

NOTE: No vehicle already registered in Romania will NOT be affected by the above changes!

The press release was published on 15 / 03 / 2019

The Press release was published on 15/03/2019